In  olden days there is a communication only through letters and conversing with the person in a booth telephone .but  this advanced telephonic communications which made us easy  now days to talk with any person any where .

Today’s  convenient for charging mobile  as  our day to day needs is like service connections  as gas. Zero balance of  charging your mobile in these days is easily approachable .

For charging a mobile the first step to search for link and register the basic details so its take you to next level of process in recharge and money payment.

A wide range of  mobile recharge and bill payments for internet usage as a rapid growth , available on websites. Its quite popular with the simple transaction , security purpose. The people can be of hassle free in submitting the mobile bills or recharging services at stores .

The perks of recharge story comes into the picture . free recharge for mobile without extra commission . the recharge method continues with the  preferences given to the customers as a fast subsequent charging services for their mobile .

Coupon offers and daily deals for  talk time offers which is generated by the shop keepers or service providers

The  convenient method and a good time for the people  in search of  top up facility .


Our man made technocratic tool that we are using nowadays is our mobile , tab ,pab with online / internet  facility . using the hand made tools with unique features we are easy reachable to any where and converse with any number of people. The concern of  good team DOD IT helps to save the people time by sitting in one place for easy recharge of their mobile , internet etc And all  is that we have to put  , recharge amount (daily , monthly) for talk time , message booster , net recharge if their handy machine are showing zero balance that is downloaded and installed with applications available in the online market. Our system  with hi tech screens and  updated technology  also needed to be charged . we  never to rush up  to far place for  Charging  its  simple and secured as the transaction is done through  gateway of payment . you have to select of the same value of the talk time that you buy.

Author: DOD'S Bus Booking Script